update; april, 16.2020

Kucha chasti

fresh meals & nutrition packages

Our response

We are also responding to the coronavirus situation.
Seting up cooking arangements for socially disadvantaged groups.
We are preparing fresh meals, packages of vegetables and surpluses from stores.

For whom do we prepare meals

During this time we plan to prepare warm meals for:
– our regular recipients,
– Stigma Safe House,
– Maternity Center Ljubljana,
– homeless and socially deprived families
– others who ask us for help during this time

In cooperation with CSDs, Slovenian Philanthropy, ZPM Moste Polje, the Krog Society we are collecting recipients, and anyone that will contact ustrough  the phone, email or form to receive assistance.

Who is active regarding food  (in Ljubljana)

Municipality of Ljubljana, Red Cross & Caritas have been active in providing assistance to senior citizens and children receiving free meals in schools before the quarantine was established.
LPP bus drivers are included in the food distribution, that is being prepared in schools.

ZPM, Anna’s star, Slovenian philanthropy share food packages.

The Vichencian Union distributes meals every evening between 6pm and 6:30 pm.
(between Mercator – former Maxi and Congress Square)

! Street Kings are out of service at the moment

There are a growing number of local caterers preparing meals to help those at risk in the local area.

What do we prepare

Simple dishes, vegetable stew, that depend from donated vegetables and money. Still striving t ocreate balanced meals in the form of famous Slovenian dishes or. ‘what’s in the fridge’.
Sometimes, we also manage to make some food packages with vegetables.

Safety of preparation and delivery 

We are following updated govenrment restricitons and guidelines  for safety of volunteers and receivers. Followed in the kitchen and in the distribution of food. That’s why we have max up to 2 people in the kitchen, and volunteers are protected delivering packages without direct contact with the recipients.

Received donations:
* 35 eur of direct donation
* 50 kg of vegetables
* 40 kg of foods products
* 530 kg of cheese
*1200 eur of donation

– distribution of surplases to families and mother home
– distributing food products and donated burek to families
– cooking and distribution of meals to regular receivers, families and mother’s house ans safe house Stigma.

– distribution of chese

0 eur
collected donations

How can I help?


We need help collecting, packing,
food delivery and networking.

Apply as a volunteer

    Choose areas of interes:

    DistributionPreparationWork from home



    # vegetables
    #wire transfer or paypal

    * 1 € = 1 meal  

    in average  

    Bank transfer

    Receiver: Humanitarno društvo Hrana za Življenje

    Bank account opened at Delavska hranilnica:
    SI56 6100 0001 0642 314
    purpose: corona response

    example >

    Paypal donation

    We follow the transparency protocol of donations received
    We keep track of the statistics of donations received and their spending, which is updated monthly on the website.
    The Supporter may, on request, regularly receive information related to the use of funds and the development of the project.

    All documentation will be available for viewing by officials, friends of the Society, project partners, as well as individuals who would like to verify the true use of the donations.

    Can you help us too?

    Contact us if you are in Ljubljana. We will call you as soon as possible to inform you of the progress.

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