Slovenska inačica

Food For Life Venezuela is running a weekly programme where food is distributed every Tuesday at Caracas Markets. Most frequently the distribution takes place at Plaza Candelaria, the most popular area of the city. 

Food for Life team is ready to assist in the distribution of food and medicines to those who need help, including Slovenians in Venezuela. However, to reach more people and increase the scope of help, they need extra equipment and ingredients for meals.


Food For Life Venezuela in action

Few facts of Venezuela life situation

Venezuela is going through a serious economic and political situation, unprecedented in the history of Latin America and the world. Currently, the monthly salary of workers is 40,000 BsS, which is $ 1.48. To understand it, a liter of cooking oil is 80,000 Bs, which is $ 2.96. Milk 1 kg costs 112,000 Bs, which is $ 4.14. Inflation is far beyond our reach. Medicines are extremely expensive.

People are getting worse because of their health, and they even die because they cannot be treated in hospitals. A private hospitalization hospital charges about $ 1,000 a day.

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