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Our association has decided to join other Slovenian organisations and Food for Life Global in their efforts to help people in Venezuela. Food for Life Slovenia will thus cooperate with the local Food for Life (FFL) team and join in distributing food, raising funds, pharmaceutical drugs and canned products to be shipped to Venezuela.

Caracas is widely considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world. The BBC recently reported that “few dare to walk through it after the sunsets…”

The economic crisis in Venezuela and the danger of moving through a city with one of the highest homicide rates in the world makes for a logistical nightmare, however, for the last 2 years, Food for Life Global affiliate, FFL Venezuela has been distributing free vegan meals every Tuesday at the Plaza Candelaria of the Caracas Markets, the most popular area of the city.

Venezuela is going through a serious economic and political situation, unprecedented in the history of Latin America and the world. Currently, the monthly salary of workers is 40,000 BsS, which is $ 1.48. To understand it, a liter of cooking oil is 80,000 Bs, which is $ 2.96. Milk 1 kg costs 112,000 Bs, which is $ 4.14. Inflation is far beyond our reach. Medicines are extremely expensive.

People are getting worse because of their health, and they even die because they cannot be treated in hospitals. A private hospitalization hospital charges about $ 1,000 a day.

First steps in Venezuela

A meeting with the representative of local Food for Life team and Ms. Tonci, on Wednesday September 4th 2019. Slovenians met in Venezuela and agreed to start coordinating assistance to the Slovenes.

First steps in Slovenia

On Friday, September 6, 2019, we prepared the first food packages.

Ilan Chester

Mr Chester is coming to Slovenia as ambassador of Food For Life GLobal, where he intends to support Food For Life Venezuela through meetings and concerts on a short visit between 15 and 20 September.

17.9. Meeting with the President of India
18.9. Concert: Kucha

Anyone can help

You are welcome to contribute and support our efforts by donating. We collect funds for Venezuela through donations to our bank account or PayPal.

The fundraising process and submissions will be regularly updated in the report on our website. For more information, please contact

Humanitarian Society Food for Life Slovenia

Bank account opened at Workers’ Savings Bank:
SI56 6100 0001 0642 314

Purpose: Venezuela

Donate trough Paypal
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Update date: 9.17.2019

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